Turner Heights Townhouses offers FRACTIONAL OWNERSHIP options. You do not have to pay a fortune for a central Queenstown apartment.

Remember the three golden rules when purchasing real estate LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION!

Turner Heights Townhouses delivers this and more.

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Turner Heights Townhouses Fractional Ownership

Owning a holiday home that family can use is high on many people's wish list, however affordable opportunities close to the centre of Queenstown are becoming increasingly scarce.


Turner Heights was the first property in New Zealand to formalise fractional ownership with the intoduction of Quatershares. Formal fractional ownership is now being offered around the world in all forms from property to boats to high end vehicles.  The opportunity to purchase a Quartershare of an attractively furnished and well located apartment is targeted to fill the gap in the market between whole ownership and timesharing.


Turner Heights has been successfully offering the opportunity for people to own a central Queenstown property for over 25 years.  Rental income generated annually generally provides for the cost of running the complex and the replacements program. Ownership satisfaction has been extremeley high over the years with capital gains ranging from 10% to 100% depending on purchase price and the length of time owned.


Management of Turner Heights Townhouses is controlled by the Owners Management Committee, who in turn have contracted professional managers to run the day to day activities of the property. A primary goal for the managemet team is to earn suffcient income to cover all costs for the complex including rates, insurance, telephone, housekeeping, marketing, accounting and on-site management. In January 2009 the management committee introduced a $30 per night levy on all owners using nights so that a significant replacement fund would be available for in the future.


Stay with us and try it out we are sure you will be impressed. Should you decide to purchase we will refund up to 3 nights accommodation.

Two bedrooms starting from $185,000 NZD per quartershare. One bedroom superior view at $125,000 NZD per quartershare.


Contact David now on 027 221 8173 to discuss the benefits in this form of ownership.